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In response to our customer demands Aerocom (UK) Ltd are moving into exciting new fields to maintain our market leader position in the UK air tube & AGV conveyance sector. As our client list expands on a weekly basis we endeavour to offer more alternative solutions to streamline repetitive tasks in Industry, Medicare, Distribution, Commercial and Retail Buildings.

Through long standing success in the challenging world of Medicare solutions the aerocom ac3000 system remains the leading pneumatic tube system for UK Hospitals. The interest for air tube systems in Manufacturing and Industry is also increasing rapidly with more and more factories or assembly plants using our more sophisticated systems to streamline production and distribution.

Our aim is to please and therefore constantly develop new innovations to integrate systems with the customer’s request for specifically enhanced technology. We invest in new technology to guarantee our products are improving production processes and eliminating wasteful lost time through manual transportation of components.

The range of retail air tube systems, safes and security accessories has also been expanded with the introduction of many new products being made available exclusively to Aerocom UK from Advanced Pneumatic Technology (APT) in Dublin. APT who develop and manufacture the Safe-linK range of air tube systems specifically designed for the retail sector are experts in cash security. With market research and investment in futuristic developments, Safe-linK systems are tailored specifically to the application, whether for a family grocer or a huge modern supermarket complex.

The automated guided vehicle market is also an area where success is building with medical, production, processing and logistic facilities streamlining repetitive loading, delivery and despatch with automated solutions. Our team of experts are developing pioneering robotic enhancements to cut costs and increase production nationwide.

With the help of Pure Relish Marketing who have developed our new website we attempt to show our established and potential clients, not only these latest updates, but also our commitment to delivering the highest modern standards available in the selected industries and services we support.

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