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In high street retailing, from the corner shop to the supermarket and from the local pub to tourist attractions, the security of your takings, and the safety of your staff are more important than ever.


The Safe-linK "point of sale to safe" system is simply the most secure, efficient and easy way of transporting excess cash and other vulnerable items from the tills and customer service points directly into a locked safe in another part of the building.


To complement the SafeLink solution we offer a complete range of security products from underground safes to ballistic rated glassing.










Secure Cash Management

Safe-linK offers a reduced risk of major loss due to robbery. It is a one-way air tube and safe solution which is designed to assist your till staff remove surplus cash or other high-risk vulnerable items from the sales floor into a locked safe located in a secure, separate part of the premises by air vacuum.


There’s nothing so simple, and it's very user-friendly. 


The cashier simply loads the carrier with surplus cash and inserts it into the send tube, pushes the button and off it goes, directly into the locked safe in seconds. No need to leave their post unattended.

In a nutshell, Safe-linK can be used anywhere cash or valuables are collected and stored in a public area, shop counters, booths, turnstiles, doorway admission desks etc.

To date there are over 4,000 Safe-linK Cash Tube Systems installed nationwide. Each one is providing security and peace of mind to every retail owner, cashier or staff member and helping to make their working day safer.


Smart and Secure Peace of Mind





"If I receive a €50 note in payment I will never give it out in change, so why keep it in the till? Send it to the safe with “Safe-linK”
SK-1 is a one-way Air Tube system that is designed to assist cashiers in removing surplus cash from the till and delivering it directly into the safe in a secure part of the premises by vacuum.
Depending on individual needs Safe-link is available in a choice of 50, 63 or 90 mm diameter tubing.
The standard ST-1 Kit Safe is €4K rated, but we also stock a full range of New & Pre-Used Safes Insurance Rated form €12.5k to €200k that will serve the majority of needs.
Cash Management at tills is paramount for every retailer. Walking to the office to secure money is time-consuming and risky, Safe-linK reduces the risk and saves the time.


“Safe-linK” capital expenditure is low, compared to the benefits and will repay the investment many times over during its long and reliable lifecycle



Developed by Advanced Pneumatic Technology, the “Safe-linK” SK-30 is specifically designed to address the issues raised in interviews with larger retail outlets.


Electro-Mechanical systems need regular service but the concerns expressed by managers is the constant failures and blockages mainly due to accidental errors by staff that result in emergency service calls to clear & reset systems.  -millions are spent of emergency callouts due to the low-level technology in Cash Tube systems  
We developed the solutions from the reported problems and eliminated 90% of all reported failures with new software controls.


The “Safe-linK” SK-30 brings a new set of market standards in control system sophistication to the multi-point, Automatic Dispatch Cash Tube system.
Suitable for use from 2 to 30 Sending Stations per line and the option of a cabinet station in the cash office, or direct delivery to a safe, we believe we have exclusively, the smartest Cash Tube System in the market with Automatic Dispatch. 




The “Safe-linK” SK-12 is designed as a Middle-Ground system to serve the specific needs of the mid-sized retailer, Cinemas, Hardware Stores, etc.

It is a Multi-Station system but without the Automatic Dispatch Function.


Cash Management at tills is paramount for every retailer. Walking to the office to secure money is time-consuming and risky, Safe-linK reduces the risk and saves the time.


Depending on individual needs Safe-link is available in a choice of 50, 63 or 90 mm diameter tubing.


It is available with Service Poles in Colours to match the Store Design and is very popular in the Spar, Super Valu and Co-Op size stores


The “Safe-linK” SK-12 is available with the full range of safes to the client's requirements


For every challenge

We offer a complete range of safe products, solutions and service to meet every security challenge.


From simple, reliable domestic units though to world-class under-floor installations we have a safe that will provide peace of mind, reduce risk and meet your insurance obligations.


Our products and services include...

  • 4k to 35k "Grade 3" Ratings

  • Various sizes and configurations

  • Locking & Access timer options

  • Deposting solutions

  • Planning - Security & Safe installation

  • Relocations & Modifications

  • 24-hour support and maintenance  services







For every need...

To complement our wide range of safe options and solution we also provide related and heavy-duty products to ensure you, your staff and your valuables are safe and sound.


Our range includes...


  • "Ballistic" Glass and Glassing panels

  • Strongroom and Panic Room doors

  • Locks options (Digital, Combination and Rotary)

  • Deposit options (Slot, Draw, Rotary, etc)

  • Alcohol & Cigarette Storage Solutions







The SK-30

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Safe-linK Range

Safe-linK Details

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